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Due to years of experience in the telecommunications market, as well as openness to new ideas emerging in other industries, we can now deliver solutions that coincide with the solutions used in "intelligent buildings". In the era of emphasis on the automation of many processes, reducing human intervention in their proper course, continually striving to reduce operating costs and greater environmental awareness of all of us, the integration of a variety telecommunications solutions, access control and automation has become a challenge for designers.

In both the private and professional activities, demand and interest for products and comprehensive solutions that simultaneously control the multiple devices, save time, hardware resources, effort and electricity is still growing. With these solutions, we do feel safer and we do better protect our property. 
Integrated Solutions of Slican “Intelligent business” give the ability to monitor and control remote devices in the building or its surroundings – and it everything can be done using PBX and fixed or mobile phone.

We offer product installations and maintenance:



Slican IPS-08 IP PBX

Slican IPU-14 IP PBX

Slican IPM-032 IP PBX

Slican IPL-256 IP PBX

Slican NCP – a system of great capabilities.