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Slican IPS-08 IP PBX

Slican IPS-08 IP PBX


Compact and universal Slican IP PBX with built-in GSM gateway, IP gateway and integrated call recording. In a single word, perfect communication solution. IPS-08 can operate as a stand-alone unit or be part of a dissipated telecommunications network - across offices in different locations within a larger network of Slican servers.

IPS-08 due to efficient solutions can be used as IP PBX or VoIP gateway. Small dimension, standard AC adapter and friendly configuration of the device makes it versatile and powerful communication tool. IPS-08 IP PBXes series through the integration with external applications - CRM software, hotel, email and collaboration with universal CTI Communicator Slican - are fully-sufficient and versatile product. It's a new generation of Slican IP PBXes that meets the communication needs of any company, agency or organization.




  • 4 different models of IPS-08 IP PBX:
    • IPS-08.100 
    • IPS-08.101 
    • IPS-08.104  
    • IPS-08.105 
  • quick configuration – ability to download .exe file for Slican ConfigMAN managing and setup software for quick configuration
  • works with Slican CTI Communicator: PhoneCTI, MessengerCTI and WebCTI - application for phone, computer and smartphones
  • open protocols HTTP / EbdRECP / TAPI / HOTELP / XML / CTIP
  • eSSL networking – ability to connect IPS-08.100 and IPS-08.101 models in one network with other Slican IPx series servers
  • advanced cost management and control – LCR and Slican BillingMAN charging application
  • ability to define limits for specified subscribers using Slican WebCTI
  • integrated VoIP – internet telephony service
  • integrated GSM - convenient SIM card slot on the outside of the housing (IPS-08.101 and IPS-08.104 models only)
  • works with Slican system IP Phone and SIP phones
  • works with Slican DPH series door phones
  • integrated conversation recording on micro SD card with Slican RecordMAN (IPS-08.100 and IPS-08.101 models only )
  • control of remote external devices, sensor / relay - automatic devices and smart buildings without the expense of additional systems
  • comfortable standard AC power adapter 12V, 1.2A
  • energy efficiency - low power consumption - 12W
  • small size(191 mm x 111 mm x 36 mm), weight (300 g) and compact stylish cover

Hardware data

  IPS-08.100 IPS-08.101 IPS-08.104 IPS-08.105
Analogue ports AB (FXS) 8 4 2 4
Analogue trunks POTS (FXO) - 1 - 1
VoIP channels 8 8 2 4
VoIP truncks 8 8 8 8
Max number of simultaneous VoIP calls without limits*
VoIP subscribers 16 16 8 8
GSM trunks - 1 1 -
Calls recording channels 8 8 - -
Sensor / relay - 1 1 -
LAN 1 1 1 1
*The maximum number of simultaneous connections is understood as all incoming, outgoing and internal calls at the same time.
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